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End of Season Surveys (your feedback is important to us!)

2018 Player Survey

2018 Parent Survey


End of Season Tournament Information!

CLICK HERE for the American League Bracket: Brackets are complete and up to date. 

CLICK HERE for the National League Bracket: Brackets are compete and up to date.


National League Dates: 

July 9, 11, 16, 18th (Make up games may be played on Tuesdays or Thursdays with less than 24 hour notice). 

American League Dates: 

July 10, 12, 17, 19 (Make up games may be played on Mondays or Wednesdays with less than 24 hour notice). 


New USA Bat Rules going into affect 2020 season for ESYBL








The ESYBL will adopt a NEW approved bat rule starting in 2020. Please see our year to year bat guidelines below: 

2018: Approved bats must have either the Little League OR USA Baseball stamp on it. 

2019: Approved bats must have either the Little League OR USA Baseball stamp on it

2020: ONLY USA Baseball stamped bats will be approved.  Little League stamped bats are no longer legal/


Thank you & Happy Holidays!

-ESYBL Board With Heat Index

    Click on this link to see the weather with the heat index included. All ESYBL games will be canceled if the heat index reaches 105. (CORRECTION: Heat index limit was incorrectly listed as 103.)

    ESYBL Mission, Vision, and Values

    The Eastern Suburban Youth Baseball League is a multi-community, volunteer-run, recreational baseball league for 9 to 12 year olds.  The ESYBL serves the Wisconsin communities of Waterloo, Marshall, Deerfield, Columbus, Jefferson, Lake Mills and Cambridge.

    MISSION - Provide a framework, expectations and tools for our communities to deliver a safe, competitive and enjoyable baseball season for all our youth and adult participants.

    VISION - Utilize our community resources and participant talents to make each season a well organized, fair, and rewarding youth baseball experience.

    VALUES - The success of the ESYBL will be a result of adhering consistently and honorably to the beliefs we value.  To that end:

    • We understand that the ESYBL is a recreational league, and our players, parents, umpires and coaches are all learning and growing their baseball skills and knowledge throughout each season.
    • Respect for each other and good sportsmanship are more important than bending the rules, arguing with umpires, or simply winning games.
    • Our children will learn lessons far beyond those of baseball while watching the adult behaviors of coaches, parents, umpires, administrators and fans.
    • The ESYBL commits to fairness, good planning, communication and administration of the baseball season, and listening to the suggestions and ideas of its participants to improve our program each year.
    • Young teens in all of our communities benefit from the training, experience and financial benefits the league provides in utilizing them as baseball umpires.
    • We recognize that the number one reason players play sports is to have fun, and the number one reason players quit sports or any activity is because they are not having fun.  Our goal each year is that our youth have fun and elect to continue their baseball experience in future years.